Telidyne Inc. is a diversified technology company growing rapidly through strategic acquisitions

Telidyne's business areas include: software development, Mobile Apps, industrial and engineering systems for energy & environmental control. Telidyne is expanding its business areas and revenue base by acquiring well established and potentially profitable businesses worldwide. Telidyne's management  is experienced, versatile and committed to excellence. They have an ongoing record of successfully building large and profitable enterprises that deliver shareholder value.



A New Way to Manage Your Digital Payments

Telibit was founded to establish a cutting edge and revolutionary hub for merchants and consumers
to easily manage their activities in a simple, functional yet powerful user experience

Payments at the Cutting Edge

Through the Telibit teams innovative approach, we have granted users the ability to negotiate
borrowing and loaning of local currency with the use of cryptocurrencies interest rates.

Our application TELI harnesses cutting edge technology to provide users with advanced, private
and secure crypto-wallet transactions


Get The TELI App

  • Signup / Login with a Google account
  • Open the Google Play Store app or click here
  • Search for Telibit in the App Store
  • Select the Teli App or click here
  • Tap Install
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application download


Scan the QR code given below to download the app
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