Telidyne Inc., provides technologies and platforms to companies that are generating Mobile Apps services and operating systems   to disrupt the ecommerce with Blockchain technology. Telidyne Operates the Telibit App.


A blockchain is a distributed ledger and all the transactions that ever occurred on that blockchain are recorded and stored in a block of data. Once stored they can never be removed, and so the chain of blocks becomes longer with every transaction. All the data entered into the distributed ledger is protected by complex cryptography, which can easily be unwrapped when you have the key, but impossible to crack when you don’t have it.


Smart Contract

Telidyne develops platforms for Global Smart Contracts. A Smart Contract utilizes blockchain technology and is essentially a digital agreement between two parties that automatically execute itself. Payments using Cryptocurrencies is already a great disruption of the current established financial banking system.


International Payments

International transactions currently are very cumbersome and have high cost associated with them. Most cross-border payments are still routed via bilateral correspondent banking relationships, a network of banks that use the SWIFT messaging protocol to execute transactions. 


Telidyne is changing all that with its new platform designed to provide easy and automated methods for international payment transfers, borrowing funds, lending money and invoice payments. By using blockchain technology, Telidyne’s platform is disrupting the industry for financial transactions by providing high security standards, low costs for executing transactions and a satisfying, easy user-experience.
















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